Friday, April 4, 2014

Session Offerings and Workshops

"Grace" Photo Credit: Elana Kilkenny

Many of us are finding ourselves in a place of either transition or re-awakening to a deeper desire to live more joyfully, peacefully and abundantly. We all have the potential and ability to truly shift our lives into focus and resonance with our highest and most essential selves. If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from on-on-one support and guidance, I am honored to be of service. Below is a description of the various sessions and workshops that I offer. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

*Intuitive Counseling Sessions (90 Minutes: In-person, Skype or Phone)
My signature 90 minute sessions offer you greater personal insight and specific guidance to create and manifest your empowered vision for your life. You will receive guidance on how to pro-actively go back into your life to create sustainable change and experience more joy, peace, and abundance. Intuitive Counseling Sessions also assist you to build a stronger connection to your own intuition and creative possibility.

During this time where we often feel so rushed, the length of these sessions provide you with the time to dive deep into the breadth and depth of guidance. In addition to being informative, these sessions also provide an experience of energetic support to help you to shift your own energy into more alignment and balance. 

Also available, upon request, are combined Intuitive Counseling and hands-on Energy Healing me at for more details.

*Intuitive Counseling Sessions (60 Minutes: In-person, Skype or Phone)
Many of you have expressed interest in receiving support on a more consistent basis (weekly, monthly, etc.) to help you focus on specific areas of your life and/or business. In response to these requests I am happy to announce that I am now offering 60 minutes sessions to meet your needs.

These sessions offer you powerful psychic guidance and  practical tools to empower you and assist you in times of personal or professional challenge, transition, or growth. I will provide you with clear suggestions on what can best assist you to authentically move through pain, obstacles and confusion to a place of more clarity, joy and manifestation!

*Couples Sessions (90 Minutes: In-person, Skype or Phone)
These sessions are beneficial for all relationships whether romantic, professional or familial. I will guide you together to attain more clarity, direction, and tools on how to connect more authentically, peacefully and joyfully to one another. Whether you need assistance with obstacles that you are currently or historically facing together or simply would like to enhance your relationship, couples sessions offer you both a supported and sacred space to guide you toward the most direct and rewarding path for you to fulfill your intentions successfully.

*Intuitive Feng Shui Consultations: For Home and Business
These consultations offer an intuitive, transformational and aesthetic approach to assist you in the creation of a home or business environment designed to beautifully uplift your space to fully support your personal and professional dreams.

I will provide you with an intuitive reading of your home/office and help you to shift the energy of your space via specific suggestions around placement, decor, and alignment of your space to your present and future goals and dreams.While classically trained in Feng Shui, my unique approach is anything but traditional as it synthesizes a combination of psychic information, Feng Shui techniques, and interior design sensibility.

For more design inspiration and resources (and much more) feel free to check out the treasure trove of boards I have designed on my Pinterest page. 

*Space Clearings and Blessings 
Is it time for you to shift the energy of your home or office to support and inspire you more fully? Whether you are moving into a new space either physically or emotionally in your life, experiencing a heaviness or blockage in your environment, or simply feel like your space could use some freshening up; a Space Clearing and Blessing is not only a powerful way to revitalize your space but also to help re-align your own energy.

As you are as unique as your environment, our time together will incorporate intuitive guidance of what specifically needs to be cleared in your space and will often include specific suggestions on how to shift your environment beyond our time together to further enhance your experience there. While it is important  to shift that which might be challenging you in your environment, it is also vital to incorporate the Blessing energy of what type of energy and experiences you do want to experience both in your space and in your life. The Blessing component of our time together will bring the process full circle from that which you want to clear to that which you want to embrace.

*Intuitive Boot Camp Workshops for Business
The intention behind these workshops is to empower your business to go the next level. They are for those of you who desire both to increase your bottom line as well as create a more positive and supportive working environment. We will go over your company's business goals and vision and from that create intuitively-based workshops for your management team and/or employees to assist them to work with more efficiency, harmony and inspiration in to meet your business needs. Enquire via email at for more information.

*Host a Workshop...
I am thrilled to offer private Intuitive Workshops in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.  These workshops are all psychically guided and can be customized on a specific theme that you feel would benefit you and your friends, family, and/or colleagues.

*Inspiration and Resources
For more inspiration and resources designed to add more joy, empowerment and love to your life connect with me on:

*Book a Session or Workshop
Sessions for my services are available In-Person in NYC and worldwide via Skype or Phone.  If you would like to book a session or for more information please contact me by email at or by phone at 877-858-2100.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beauty Within The Frost...

"Beauty Within The Frost" Photo by: Elana Kilkenny
It was a late autumn day all the trees lay barren, a reflection of their current wintry state, alone amidst the fallen landscape stood a tree aglow in vibrant fiery lushness. Radiant, bejeweled with orange leaves and a perfect undercoat of yellow. Harried New Yorkers stopped dead in their tracks spellbound by their rare beauty. Strangers unfolded stream of consciousness utterings to one another..."Wow", "Well isn't that just magical" and "Miraculous." The New York City perpetual ticking clock stopped for a moment and we all paused spellbound to drink in the beauty.

We are now in the heart of winter, I pass by this tree every day as I bring my daughter to school. Its branches are now bare like their companions. But burned into my memory is an overlay of its autumnal incandescent glow. On certain days I could swear I see the halo of burnt sienna leaves adorning its limbs. And I am reminded that there is always beauty within the frost.

As we rush, as we bundle up, as we dream of spring wildflowers in bloom and a whisper of a spring jacket...we are beckoned to remember that change is inevitable and yet so much remains innate. The beauty that resides in you, in each of us, is immutable. It may radiate more in certain seasons of our lives, it may deepen with the bloom of requited desire and fluid moments of grace but even in the days of our winter's darkness the aura of our heart's luminosity is always present.

So today as you roll out of bed, engage in the world, dance with your muse...breathe in beyond your resistance, beyond your slushy winter boots, beyond your old stories that fool you into believing that your finest days are behind you and touch that which the frost protects...that which is your radiant self.

For more of my February Newsletter dedicated to the subject of love click here to read more...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watch My New Video On: "Intuition, Signs & Expectations" for Happiness Series

"It was sign." "I thought I followed the signs but why did I end up where I did?" "What do these signs in my life actually mean?" These are snapshots of conversations I have been a part of and overheard countless of times over the years.

I have found that it is often more powerful to illuminate a broad topic with a specific example and then go wider, as opposed to just discussing the topic in a general context. So in that spirit, Tania Van Pelt and I made for you a video for her illuminating website Happiness Series where we discuss "Intuition, Signs & Expectations" using a some specific examples. One of the clearest takeaways from this discussion was that expectations and signs don't mix well at all, in fact, expectations often get in the way of the natural momentum and direction that signs are trying to take us in.

Whether you are a believer in synchronicities, signs and its ilk or not, you will garner wisdom from this video as we speak about a type of experience that is common to all of us in one way or another. We often go in a direction in our lives feeling that we are somehow being led on a path only to find out that the process and the outcome is very different than we anticipated...and then what?

Watch the video below and enjoy! If you like the video, please share it with others and feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below this post!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Create The Life You Desire: New Year's Workshop on January 19th

"Walking Toward Grace" Photo By: Elana Kilkenny
Every moment is an opportunity to begin again...
This is my invitation to you...
~Dance beyond the unrequited realm of New Year's resolutions to the fertile ground of real sustainable change.

~Learn to create from a place of clear desire, grounded intention, and passionate action.

~Enter this year with renewed inspiration, guidance and authentic momentum to create a year that surpasses your dreams.

In this workshop I offer you a sacred space to...

*Explore with love, support & intuitive guidance what your heart's deepest desires are...

*Gain clarity on what action steps you will take... 

*Feel deeply inspired to go out into your world and create your dream 2014

Sunday: January 19th, 2014 
My serene home near Columbia University (exact location will be sent to you when you register) 
In order to provide you with a more one-on-one experience, this workshop will be limited to a small group size. Therefore, you must RSVP and purchase you ticket by 1/14 to ensure you seat (see "TICKET" section below for more information).


: $127  

(Paid RSVP required by Thursday, 1/16 to ensure your spot)

It is always a leap of faith to forge new ground in your life. Follow your heart and dive into the life you have been dreaming of...


To purchase your ticket and/or for questions: email me at

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Watch My Video on "How to Feel More Connected."

Is the velocity of life feeling very fast to you? Like a train speeding toward a destination, there is so much to get accomplished within a small window of time. While this time of year can be particularly busy, if you were to take a moment to pause and take stock you might realize that the pace of your life in general is such that it can contribute to a sense of disconnection. Disconnection from yourself, loved ones, your children, spiritual connection, etc.

Along with the many reasons why you might be feeling disconnected these days there are just as many anecdotes as well. Over the course of many sessions with clients and my own experience, I have distilled a number of practices that can assist you to feel more connected. This is in turn can  create a ripple effect in your life of opening up your heart and life to even more joy, peace, and possibilities. In conjunction with the amazing wellness website Happiness Series, I created a video that offers you two very effective and accessible ways to feel a deeper sense of connection.

Click here for the link to the video or watch below. Enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment below after you watch. I would love to hear from you on which tip resonates with you and why and/or if you have any tips on how you create more connection that you would like to share. Watch...enjoy...share...put into action!

P.S. For more inspirational and empowering videos in my series with Happiness Series, please click here .

Friday, December 6, 2013

New Year's Gift Certificates

"Offering" Photo Credit: Elana Kilkenny

Festive, overwhelmed, merry, overscheduled, uplifted, depressed, inspired...are you feeling any of these feelings this time of year. If so, you are in very good company. This may be your favorite time of year, or perhaps it is a time that brings up a lot of expectations, disappointment and anxiety. Feeling all of the above...check. Yep, it's that time of year where feelings are heightened and the pace is at a gallop.

How can you enjoy this time more, be more present to your blessings, enter 2014 with clarity and inspired vitality? Well that can be a complex answer but gratitude is always a powerful gateway to joy. At the heart of this season is an innate impulse to give, to celebrate, and to dip ones toes in magic. It is a opportune time to open your heart to what is already good and plentiful in your life, for no matter what is going on for you right now I promise there is always something to be grateful for.  

In the spirit of gratitude, I am offering some special gift certificates of soul, heart and grounded intention for the New Year. If you are interested in more information please email me at for details.

 In my thirteen years as an Intuitive Counselor and Feng Shui Designer, I am deeply grateful to have the blessing of helping you to unearth, polish, and birth many of your heart's desires. If you feel a longing to be more connected to your innate joy, peace, spark, and abundance, I am honored to be of service to assist you in your sacred journey.

Blessings and love,

P.S. See my next post for some joy-creating Gratitude Practices.

Gratitude Practices

"Grateful" Photo Credit: Elana Kilkenny

Please Note: These practices are sure to open your heart to more joy...instantly.

1)Gratitude Journal...

Start a gratitude journal. Every night spend a few minutes writing down three things you are grateful for. Each night write different things you are grateful for from the night before. Once you have written them, spend a few moments breathing in each item you are grateful for and experience them once again in that moment. This exercise helps your heart instantly and literally trains your mind to focus more on what it is positive. And where your focus goes, your energy goes. And where your energy goes, your life goes...

2)Express Your Gratitude...

*To Your Loved Ones...
Pick up the phone, tell them face-to-face, mail an old-fashioned note, email. Tell people in your life that you are grateful for them and be specific. It feels great to to the recipient and equally wonderful for you.

*To Those Who Provide You Services...
In Brené Brown's brilliant book, "Daring Greatly", she has this powerful section about the "invisibility" of service providers and how important it is to take the time to "see" the people who provide you service and to treat them with kindness and respect. Take it a step further and express your gratitude to them.

Coffee baristas, waiters/waitresses, grocery clerks, clothing salespeople, subway drivers, etc. Express your gratitude for the services they are providing you, for some quality you see in them, pay them a compliment. It doesn't have to be a big gesture but it surely does make a difference. Take it a step further, if you are moved to do so, by asking them who you should speak to or email that would best benefit them and pass that compliment on. Managers are very used to being complained to by a customer but are often very grateful and surprised to be called over to hear a compliment about an employee. You will surely brighten their day and who knows perhaps even help them in a larger way.

*To Your Children's Teachers:
Write a random note or tell your child's teacher "Thank You" for all the love, care and nourishment they are providing your child with. Be specific, take a moment to really "see" the teacher and reflect back to them their innate grace. Teachers often hear your questions about your child or something you might be upset about but rarely do they receive gratitude for the everyday miracle of assisting your child to grow, learn and thrive.

You Get The dive into gratitude and revel in the ripples of goodness that radiate from its joyful core.

P.S. Those of you reading this who are feeling sad, stuck, disconnected, these gratitude practices truly do make a difference. So if any part of you is intrigued by this, don't wait until you are feeling better to try these out. As gratitude practices are a surefire way to move your energy into a more positive direction. I know this through experience, as I have offered these practices to many of my clients and have done them myself. In fact, gratitude practices are one of the first anecdotes I reach for when I am in a down state as they are manageable, instantly gratifying and build positive momentum.